Rafael Cordones

Call me Rafael. I’m from Barcelona. I studied Computer Engineering at BarcelonaTech which I left more than a decade ago to finish my Master’s degree at KTH in Stockholm. After living in Stockholm for a few years and rejoice in its endless archipelago during summer, I moved to Dublin where I worked for a couple of years enjoying long weekend getaways. In 2008 I moved back to the continent, to Vienna, where I have now pretty much settled down to enjoy Vienna’s Gemütlichkeit and its many Heurigen in spring and summer.

I consider myself full-stack software developer with most of my experience in the Java field. Java is for me more than a language. It’s an ecosystem of libraries, frameworks, virtual machine, opinionated ways of doing things (I’m looking at you Maven) and other languages too (now I’m looking at you Scala). With the term “full-stack developer”, I mean that for me, the business value of the product or project goes on top of the technology stack. Paraphrasing Jamie Zawinski, I don’t get up every morning to write code; I’d rather focus on shipping stuff.

Since the (hidden) complexity of most software projects lies in understanding the business domain and getting all project participants to reach a common understanding, I have a passion for whole‑team specification involvement, business processes as first‑class application citizens and application integration frameworks.

All of this sustained by a music-driven software development implementation.

I believe myself inoculated against the Not Invented Here syndrome preferring instead to fully embrace a Proudly Found Elsewhere attitude.

I love good stories in any form and shape (music, films, comics, books, paintings, photos, …) and my main hobbies are photography, in-line skating and putting lots of hyperlinks in the texts that I post on this website.

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